Hypnotherapy for Alzheimer’s and other Dementias


If you have just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or are living with dementia you may have never heard of the amazing therapy developed by Dr Daniel Nightingale from Dementia Therapy Specialists.

Hypnotherapy for Alzheimer’s is an evidence based, cost effective therapeutic treatment option developed to enhance the physical and psychological well being of those diagnosed with dementia.

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, Robyn Ambrose is the first Australian to become a Dementia Therapy Specialist. Robyn specializes in Hypnotherapy for Alzheimer’s.This therapy works directly with the subconscious mind of the client, putting aside the conscious critical analysis. We drift in and out of this state many times a day without even realizing it. While daydreaming or driving and missing a turn while thinking of something else. It is while in this altered state Robyn can talk directly to the subconscious mind and make substantial changes. Concentration, relaxation, motivation, activities of daily living, immediate memory, memory for significant life events and socialization are areas hypnotherapy can make a change. This therapy is safe and relaxing for the client and is something they can look forward to each week. They will notice a change in their quality of life. Perhaps they lacked motivation to get out of bed, have a shower, get dressed, join others in the dining room or communicate. They could be suffering from anxiety or depression. Not only the person living with dementia can benefit from hypnotherapy but also their loved ones. The subconscious mind remembers everything, is literal, controls the body, stores emotions, memories and habits and never sleeps while the conscious mind sleeps and reasons. This is the reason this therapy works so well because once the client is fully relaxed Robyn can talk directly to their subconscious mind and address any problems they may be facing. If you are a loved one or caregiver who wants to help there are simple exercises you are taught to use enabling the client to have a better quality of life.

I encourage you to consider this treatment for the use in your facility or other people  you may know living with Alzheimer’s or dementia. I am mobile and treatment can be performed in a nursing home or at a clients residence. If you live interstate I am happy to travel.

Please feel free to call me on 0419675274 or contact me by email: robyn@newbornnursery.com.au

Dr Daniel Nightingale is the Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer of Dementia Therapy Specialists.

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